Tod Gomes – The Adrenaline Photographer!

An avid sports fan, Tod has been one of the most sought after sports photographers In California and the West Coast. Your adrenaline images, created by Tod, will be captured the same way Tod has created images of pro athletes like Zach Miller, Maurice Jones Drew, Marshawn Lynch, Chris Wondolowski, Robert Turbin, Matt Overton, Will Clark, Ray Guy, Walter Jones and Cortez Kennedy! Your images will be created by an NFL and MLS accredited photographic professional! Tod has worked in Mile High Stadium in Denver, Century Link Field in Seattle, Oakland Coliseum in Oakland, Candlestick Park SF, Sacramento Kings Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento, ATT Park in San Francisco, Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, University of Pheonix Stadium Arizona, Avaya Stadium in Santa Clara, Stanford Stadium in Stanford, Fawcett Stadium at the Hall of Fame in Canton, OH.


Let’s Ask Tod!

Why do you have a passion for sports photography?

I grew up playing just about every sport offered and I played each one to the best of my abilities. I have always excelled playing sports because I ALWAYS gave it 110% in each sport I played. As I got into high school, I developed (no pun intended) a fondness for photography which has been with me ever since. To this day, I still put forth 110% in everything I do which includes my sports photography, the sports I play and the time I spend with my family! My passion and drive allow me to provide THE BEST sports photography available anywhere! This brings me to my mission statement : I am morally obligated to provide my style of Adrenaline Photography to those clients who desire the very best!

What does your photography DO for your clients?

To put it in simple terms and not to be too Cliché, my photography “stops time” allowing families to go back and reflect on the sports moments in their lives that made them happy with images that will knock their socks off each time they look at them. I really look to provide that “WOW” image that no one else can capture. Great images come from great timing and great timing in sports photography comes with experience. I have that experience!

Why is YOUR style of sports photography different?

My style of photography is different because of action, I focus ONLY on the athlete I am assigned to photograph. Most sports photographers take the whole game and follow the action only. By only focusing on one athlete, I am able to capture those moments that might not be caught if a particular athlete is not the star player and does not get in on the action as much as the others. Another aspect of what I do differently is that I concentrate on athletes that are younger. Children and teens deserve the full magazine style sessions just as much as older athletes. Being the father of a young son, I realize how much these sessions mean!