My First Blog Post!

Ok, I’m going to give this blog thing a shot.  I’ll start with an introduction.  My name is Tod Gomes, CPP, and I am the owner of Tod Gomes Photography and Tod Gomes – The Adrenaline Photographer!  I have been a full-time photographer for over 15 years and before that, I have been a part time photographer or in the photographic industry.  I started my involvement with photography while still in high school and have loved creating images ever since!  I was born and raised in the San Francisco East Bay (Concord) and I currently live In Pleasant Hill, CA.  So, yes, I’m a true native of this wonderful area I call home!

You might wonder what the “CPP” after my name means?  CPP are the initials for “Certified Professional Photographer”.  I was able to achieve my CPP status from the Professional Photographers Of America, the largest and most well established photographic organization in the United States.  Less than 3% of photographers throughout the world have obtained the prestigious CPP qualification!

What does the CPP mean to you as my client? The CPP exam has been said to be the industry equivalent to a lawyer passing their BAR exam (which from what I hear is no easy task). So, to put it in simple terms…  Anyone with a CPP status really knows their stuff!  It also means that I’ve studied hard so I can create images for you and your family that you’ll love.  I will create the most amazing portraits and Adrenaline Sports images of you and your loved ones that you’ve ever seen!

Let’s talk about your next “Dream” portrait adventure!